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Why Technology Matters?

Clients depend on their advisors to consider all opportunities for their investments.  SIACharts’ AI-powered technology computes over 10 Billion calculations every night, analyzing tens of thousands of investments in search of the best opportunities. Utilizing advanced relative strength technology, SIA has the ability to create objective and actionable rankings to assist with your portfolio management decisions, saving you valuable research time.

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What Separates US?

At SIACharts, our analysis between asset classes gives us insight into money flows on a large scale. By understanding where money flows are moving, we can assess Risk vs. Reward for any asset class, sector, or group of investments.


What separates SIA is that we take over 80,000 stocks, ETFs, Canadian and U.S. mutual funds, commodities, currencies, etc. and analyze them daily. This enables SIA to identify strength in asset classes, sectors and individual investments to help advisors and portfolio managers properly align their clients assets with strength in the market, while positioning to avoid weakness.


With the power of SIACharts and our advanced comparison algorithms, you can compare tens of thousands of different companies, countries, or investments against each other to know which gives you the best investment opportunity going forward with a rules based, unbiased, and objective  ranking.

Our proprietary algorithms use artificial intelligence and relative strength analysis to help make investment decisions based on complex data processing.

The SIACharts platform is designed to identify and follow the smart money, which helps you to uncover new opportunities and maximize returns for your clients.

SIACharts platform will help to identify the early trends and possible fund flows in the face of market volatility.  Position your clients accordingly, and manage risk in your clients favor.

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Licensed Investment Advisors and Portfolio Managers can start today with a FREE Three-Week Trial. Try our subscription service with no obligations or set-up fees. We will walk you through two online demos, saving you time and maximizing the tools available to you on SIACharts. You will also have full access to all educational videos and tools during this period.

Latest Commentary

Descartes Systems Group Inc (DSG.TO)

The performance of software producer Descartes Systems Group (DSG.TO) provides an example of the relative strength roller coaster ride technology stocks have been on within equity markets this year. Back in December and January, DSG.TO dropped from the green zone in the SIA S&P/TSX Composite Index Report down into the red zone. It remained depressed until June when it rallied back up into the green zone. Since the beginning of August, Descartes’ relative strength has been eroding and it recently dropped back into the Yellow Neutral Zone. Yesterday it finished in 66th place, down 2 spots on the day and down 11 positions in the last month.

Vermilion Energy Inc (VET.TO)

After spending July and August at or near the top the top of the rankings in the SIA S&P/TSX Composite Index Report, Vermilion Energy (VET.TO) has started to tumble down the rankings in the last two weeks. Earlier this week, it fell out of the green zone and into the Yellow Neutral Zone and has continued to trend downward, falling another 5 spots to 68th place.

US Dollar Index Continuous Contract (DX2.F) & iShares MSCI ACWI Ex US Index ETF (ACWX)

In this edition of the Equity Leaders Weekly, we take a closer look at the implications of a rising US Dollar for asset prices and corporate earnings and at the state of international equity markets.