Main Features

STEP 1 Equity Action Call™

Risk vs Reward

First level of analysis – a proven risk management system to help avoid significant sentiment changes in the market.

Monitor the risk/reward ratio of the equity markets by comparing the Relative Strength of equities vs. alternative asset classes

Overall market risk assessment – position your clients with prevalent money flows

STEP 2 Asset Allocation

Tactically Follow Money Flows

Asset Class Ranking – Determine which asset classes to overweight or underweight.

Tracking 7 major asset classes – CAD Equity, U.S. Equity, Int’l Equity, Commodities, Currencies, Bonds, & Cash

Efficiently identify the strongest asset classes to assist in developing your active asset allocation strategy

SIA Reports
Custom Portfolios

STEP 3 Investment Selection

Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds

Reduce time spent on research using our defined and objective AI analysis.

Coverage of over 80,000 investments across North America – Stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds

Every report is an unbiased and objective analysis of each universes relative strength

STEP 4 Portfolio Construction

Models and Strategies

Stand out with custom built models – tracking performance in real time to share with clients and prospects

Develop custom investment models and strategies unique to your individual investment style

Update models with buys/sells to simulate real time performance of client portfolios and proposals

Over 10 Billion Daily Calculations
Investments Analyzed

STEP 5 Monitoring

Stay Informed

Demonstrate a process, as well as maintaining strong discipline and transparency with a rules based and objective strategy

Monitor models and individual investments efficiently and effectively with custom alerts on significant changes within your investment universe

Use the Key Equity feature to track key holdings throughout the entire site

STEP 6 Reporting & Marketing

Analyze, Organize, Customize

Utilize a proven marketing and prospecting tool to attract new assets and grow your practice

Track performance along with risk/reward attributes of client and prospect modeling

Include custom commentary on reports – while differentiating yourself with custom formatted reports

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