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Simplify your portfolio management decisions.

Simplify your portfolio management decisions.

Technology is more important for advisors and their teams than ever before. Let SIACharts further your success and save you time!

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SIACharts is an all-in-one market intelligence platform helping advisors save time on manual research, so you can focus on what truly matters: your clients!


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SIACharts is a premier investment research solution and portfolio management software. SIA combines comprehensive data with powerful tools & top customer support saving advisors time with unique rankings and insights. SIACharts empowers licensed investment professionals with objective fintech research, intuitive features, and in-depth portfolio management solutions saving time & elevating advisory team’s practice.

The SIACharts platform performs over 10 billion calculations and millions of relative strength head-to-head investment comparisons each night producing over 580 ranked reports, actionable alerts, and key risk management & asset allocation decisions.


SIACharts gives advisors the competitive edge with unbiased, objective, and powerful rankings and recommendations. SIACharts was created to see financial advisors grow and prosper in their unique practice as a trusted partner. SIACharts adds value to day-to-day activities and decisions, empowering advisors to differentiate their practice with proven and reliable market intelligence and actionable alerts and insights.

SIACharts is built specifically to help licensed North American Registered Financial Advisors (RIAs), Investment Advisors, Portfolio Managers, Financial Planners, and MFDA advisors. The subscription is available to the whole advisory team with unique logins for each advisor.

If you are unsure if SIACharts is available for your practice please contact us at [email protected]

The original version of the platform was created by Founder & CEO, Jeremy Fehr, in 2001 while he was a financial advisor to better serve his clients. After a large amount of interest from other advisors, the SIACharts platform began being offered as a subscription service in early 2006. SIACharts grew quickly to become Canada’s leading technical analysis website in the early 2010’s working with hundreds of advisor teams to now becoming a proven, reliable, and award- winning market intelligence platform.

SIACharts is a tech-focused, growing company and always looking for passionate people in the wealth industry currently residing in Calgary. Please send your resume into [email protected] and [email protected] to introduce yourself.  We will keep your information on file for any future opportunities.




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