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iShares US Insurance ETF (IAK) & Sector Scopes Monthly Update (Feb 2022)

Although there continues to be significant volatility in individual stocks and sectors, particularly around earnings reports, and most notably in the social media group lately, some of the overall headwinds that had been knocking equities down lately appear to be easing a bit. In this issue of Equity Leaders Weekly, we take out monthly look at sector scopes and at financials, particularly the insurance sector.

Principal Financial Group Inc. (PFG)

A year ago, Principal Financial (PFG) completed its recovery from the 2020 market crash with a bullish Ascending Triangle breakout. Since then, the shares have remained under steady accumulation, advancing in a Rising Channel of higher highs and higher lows. This week, the shares have broken out to another new all-time high, confirming their underlying uptrend continues.

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