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Etsy Inc (ETSY)

Online retailer Etsy (ETSY) had been one of the relative strength success stories of 2022, climbing from the bottom of the red zone in the SIA S&P 500 Index Report, to the top of the green zone over the second half of the year. In recent weeks, and particularly in the days since retailers generally posted mixed earnings and weak guidance, retail stocks have been weakening and Etsy has been dropping back down the rankings.
Currently, ETSY sits in 245th place, 8 spots above the red zone near the bottom of the Yellow Neutral Zone. It fell 56 positions yesterday and is down 231 places in the last month.

Sector Scopes March 2023 Review & Dow Jones Utilities Average (DUX.I)

In this week’s issue of the Equity Leaders Weekly, we take our monthly look at what Sector Scopes are telling us about market sentiment and sector rotation and at the Dow Jones Utilities Average as an example of the impact of recent central bank hawkishness on interest sensitive sectors.

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