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Proud Recipient of the Top 25 Wealth Tech Provider of 2024


We are thrilled to announce that SIACharts has been recognized as a Top 25 WealthTech Provider of 2024 by Wealth Professional. The market intelligence platform is uniquely tailored to empower advisors with comprehensive, objective, and rule-based analytics that drive strategic investment decisions. We are proud to be recognized for our commitment to excellence and innovation in the financial advisory sector.

What Makes SIACharts Stand Out?  

As a leading market intelligence platform, SIA offers advisors objective, rule-based tools for maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.

  • 24/7 Monitoring: around-the-clock objective alerts that guide buying or selling decisions
  • Advanced Portfolio Management: tools for creating and managing portfolios, including watchlists and models tailored to various investment strategies
  • Optimized Asset Allocation: ranking of seven major asset classes to assist advisors in ideal diversification through different market cycles
  • Actionable Insights: daily rankings of hundreds of stocks, ETF, Mutual Fund, and custom reports to always help identify the best opportunity cost for investing



A Vision for the Future:

Jeremy Fehr, CEO and founder of SIACharts, laid the foundation for the platform in 2001.  Initially creating a risk management system for his clients as an investment advisor, Fehr’s success led other advisors to seek access to his technology. This demand prompted him to transition from advising to developing SIACharts into a premier investment decision-making tool.

Kornfeld reflects on the company’s evolution: “What started as more of a technical analysis software specializing in relative strength and risk management has become over the years a trusted, award-winning market intelligence platform and portfolio management solution.”

The firm’s commitment to innovation is evident in its proactive approach to adapting to industry changes. Six years ago, SIACharts underwent a complete software redesign to meet evolving client needs in the digital era.  Kornfeld elaborates: “We did not want to be a company that kept adding on to an old technology without fully investing in the future. The [rebuild] allowed SIA to keep up with new competition while also giving the firm the ability to integrate AI technology and customize the advisor experience.”

What Sets SIACharts Apart in the Industry:

Exclusive access: SIACharts is only available to licensed investment advisors. This exclusivity ensures advisors have a unique edge over competitors, preventing clients from bypassing them to access the platform independently.

Risk Management and Disciplined Selling: Unlike tools that focus on buying decisions, SIACharts emphasizes a top-down approach to risk management, helping advisors navigate volatile markets by providing actionable sell alerts when better opportunities arise.

Looking forward, Kornfeld shares the company’s vision: “SIACharts plans to integrate extensive Fundamental and Financial data, further enriching our platform. Our goal is to be the go-to solution for financial advisors seeking to outperform the competition.”  For more information on how SIACharts can transform your investment strategy, sign up for a free 3-week trial, visit the home page for more information, or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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