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Stock market action has settled down a bit over the last week. The recent shocks of the Ukraine war starting, commodity prices soaring and both North American central banks starting to raise this month have passed and new expectations appear to have been priced in by investors. In this issue of Equity Leaders Weekly, we look at what recent strength in Canadian stocks and a rebound in US small caps are telling us about investor sentiment.

United Rentals (URI)

This three-year chart highlights the importance of yesterday’s breakout by United Rentals (URI). Back in December, URI successfully retested support near $285 and since then, it has been clawing back lost ground. Two weeks ago, the shares broke out over their 50-day moving average and since then, accumulation has accelerated. Yesterday, URI broke out over $350, calling off a bearish head and shoulders top pattern that had been forming and confirming the start of a new upswing.

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